Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally writing again

Some Dark Trees

For Frankie Jay

Now that you have sound
open your radiant lungs
to the moon.
Bees rise from your chest
and become the color of light.
The lemon branches turn butterflies
into death,
and the ants fulfill their destiny
to become the coldness of the sun.

Life will be hard.
Sometimes you will be humiliated
by elephants with bleached foreheads.
Because you are discolored by the moon.
Because your brilliant shadow covers your flesh.

You watch our theatrical faces.
I long for their fondness. Their kindness.
They belong to everyone.
I understand their hard beauty.
The wounds that become them are
human creations
like wind or earthquakes.
I have already seen this in you –
that you will outlive mosquitoes.

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